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BFYB_ProfileChris Ward has more than a decade of experience in the auction industry, selling a vast array of goods and experiences to a wide variety of clientele. Currently, he brings bidders to yes approximately a 1000 times each week.

Chris works closely with development staff and planning committees to ensure each live auction is well prepared, using his years of experience to help guide item procurement, program timing, and pre-event bidder preparation. On event night, he brings an exuberance to your event’s stage that helps bidders feel comfortable, appreciated and – most importantly – excited to raise their paddle for your cause.




Client History



"From start to finish, working with Chris was a pleasure. The Hyde had one of the most successful galas in recent history. Chris's early input and his smart, strategic, energetic approach to the live auction saved us time & boosted the total amount raised from the live auction by more than 300%. We look forward to working with Chris & Bidforyourbenefit again. "

William Belcher, The Hyde Collection   

"Everyone loves Chris' style, but we also needed results for Skidmore College’s Polo by Twilight benefit. Bidforyourbenefit delivered by entertaining our audience & raising $10K more than the previous year in just the Fund-a-Scholar portion. We look forward to having them back for the fourth time this year!"

Barb Casey, Skidmore College   

"We had a limited budget for our fundraising event, but Chris was worth every penny! He brought a lot of excitement to the event and took our fundraising goal to the next level.
Lesson: even if you're keeping costs low, don't skimp on your auctioneer. Invest in a professional."

Danielle Kinowski, St. Clement's School Ball Co-Chair   

"I've attended numerous events where Chris was the auctioneer, and each time his lively, thoughtful and respectful - yet witty - presence lightened up the audience."

Dan Fariello, Event Attendee   

"We plan a lot of company events & one of our favorites is the Incentive Auction held every Spring. How do you make a live auction exciting, engaging, & entertaining for your employees? You hire Bidforyourbenefit! Chris has a natural ability to keep everyone involved & participating. We'll continue to use Bidforyourbenefit as long as we run this auction because the event would just be a flop without his personality!"

Jen Allen, Community Outreach & Marketing Specialist, Saratoga Eagle   

"The success of the Adirondack Lakes Center For the Arts Winter Benefit is greatly enhanced due to Chris' immeasurable enthusiasm, passion & drive to give each & every Benefit guest an experience they will not soon forget. Bidforyourbenefit's support is invaluable to us & very much appreciated. Thank you, Chris, for all you do!"

Donna Pohl, Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts   

"I've witnessed Chris in action twice. He did not personally know the crowd, yet he was able to engage specific individuals and energize the group. He was tenacious, creative, & implemented humor to keep the attention on the moment. There's no question that the items would have gone for less had he not been so effective!"

Roxanne Prescott, Von Bargen's   

"If you ever need a live auctioneer for any of your functions, these guys are awesome. Talented, smart, efficient, & genuinely good people - I loved working with them!"

Bo Goliber, Franklin Community Center   


About Us

We’re in the business of making people happy – especially when they’re spending money BFYB_About_Us_profile_circlefor a good cause. With more than a decade of professional live auction experience, our team knows how to take your fundraising results to the next level. Between benefit and ongoing contract auctions, auctioneer Chris Ward says “sold” more than 1000 times each week and has already raised in excess of $3.5 million in 2016.

Our experience has shown us that many organizations rely on a volunteer or celebrity to run their event, and while this can be a great choice for an emcee, foregoing a professional auctioneer can result in an awkward live auction that turns into a lost opportunity in terms of actual dollars raised. When an organization’s most invested patrons are all one room, it’s a momentous chance to create a fun, competitive environment for them to financially support your cause to the max – and we know how to make the most of that brief encounter. Given all the time, emotion and resources that go into planning fundraising events, anything less seems just silly.

Based in historic Saratoga Springs, NY, our team works closely with public and private organizations in the Northeast to develop engaging live auction components for fundraising events and galas. By combining a deep understanding of each organization’s mission with Bidforyourbenefit’s auction expertise, we’re able to guide organizers through a positive auction experience and stimuBFYB_action_homepagelate attendees to happily increase their contributions.

How do we serve organizations?

Our goal is simple: to help organizations raise money in an exciting and entertaining way – professional live auctions – so that they can go into the world and do great things. By taking the time to work with organizations well in advance of their event, Bidforyourbenefit is able to implement concepts and best practices that have yielded live auction and fund-a-need outcomes of 150% prior years’ earnings.